About Dave

I'm a writer, retired Air Force guy, father, curmudgeon, currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, weed is legal. No, I don't love living here. I am a Florida native, as such, I need a large body of water much closer.

My published books include Cherokee Spleen and Fluke (co-written with author Bart Hopkins). You'll probably like Fluke, and you'll either love or hate Cherokee Spleen. Seriously, check the reviews out. Fun stuff.

I'm also a new writer for the rather funny Action Figure Therapy website. Tons of good stuff on there, especially for the 89% of the world's population totally into military-themed humor. Subscribe to the AFT YouTube channel.

I've also been dabbling in the world of review writing lately - concerts, albums, etc. You can check out The Show Last Night or Colorado Music Buzz for some of my stuff.

Question? Comment? Poorly worded, grammatically horrifying gripe? Comment below, shoot me an email, or follow me on Facebook and post your comment for the world to see.

Until then...

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